Custom Turs


What to Expect!

Our tour leader will work with you to customize a tour that is fit for your timeframe and enjoyment level. Whatever goal you have in mind we will make a special tour that is perfect for you.


What does customize mean?

We work with ya'll to build an itinerary that will help ya'll with learning, having fun, team building, relaxing, fellowship, or whatever goal you may want to reach with your group

These activities are written out for your approval before the tour so that the games, activities, fun snacks, or group/team challenges are exactly what you are lookin' for

Group Rates Apply demanding on your group size, we can have groups as large as 15 to 18 hillbillies

Supplies for group activities are supplied for each tour

Who are these turs for?

They are for all ya'll.

  • athletic teams

  • bible study

  • birthday

  • church groups

  • corporate groups

  • couples

  • family quality time

  • family reunions

  • field trips

  • friends

  • home school live lessons

  • school clubs

  • special events

  • team building

How do I book custom?

Call 423-332-2632- a tour will be created for you and you will be able to pick your option and team price from the different options of tours created for you. 

Example of what you can do on your tour...

Field trip- we can do a live history lesson or trivia games in the woods

Church groups- we can do s'more for a fun snack and worship music by the water on our camp site

Corporate Groups- we can design fun games for your group to do for team building