A lick of helpful information.


Are signed waivers required to ride? +

Yes. You are absolutely not allowed to ride unless you sign a waiver before your tur.

What time do I need to check-in for my tur? +

Check in 15 minutes early to be able to beginning loading the Jeeps to begin the tur. All tours are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time.

Where do I check-in for my tour? +

The pickup/drop-off location is at puckett's grocery 2 west aquarium way, chattanooga, tn 37402

Should we tip our guide and if so how much? +

According to industry standard a tip is customary at 15% with cash or added to your credit card. Here in the south we also include a “ that a boy/girl!” to express a job well done.

What should I wear? +

These are open air Jeeps so if it is hot outside, wear outdoor comfortable clothes and bring a hat or sunglasses. Be sure to apply sunscreen as well. If you are going on the Soddy Daisy Tur, you will need to have shoes for hiking that can also go in the water while swimming to protect your feet from rocks, this tur requires you to bring a towel and change of clothes as well so you can return to the Jeep dry.

Do I need to bring my own car seat for my child? +

Yes, you are responsible to provide this safety feature for your child.

Can my child go without me? +

ALL children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Do we do tours in the rain? +

Yes, as long as the road are safe (no flooding) and there are no dangerous thunderstorms, we go on a tour.

Are there any items NOT allow on the tur? +

For each Hillbilly to enjoy the tur, items prohibited include, but are not limited to. Weapons of any kind, guns, firearms, illegal substance, professional video equipment, coolers, alcohol, glass containers, drones, cigarettes, e-cigaretts, fireworks, or knives.

How long is my tur? +

The Lookout Mountain Tur is 2 hours. It includes riding in a customized open air Jeep and being able to get out to take picture of scenic views. The Soddy Daisy Tur is 4 hours. Includes Riding in customized open air Jeep, hiking 2.3 miles total, and swimming.

What should I expect from my guide? +

All of our guides are CPR certified. They are your personal guide giving you historical facts and showing you their fun personalities that will pair great with your adventure. To sum it up; fun, safe, and educational.

Are pets allowed? +

Services Dogs are the only animals allowed.

Can people with physical disabilities take your tur? +

Everyone is welcome but for your safety each guest must have the upper body strength be able to hold themselves up right during the tur. Guest are also responsible for getting themselves in and out of your Jeeps.

Can pregnant women go on turs? +

Eatin’ for two, come on girl. You can go on the Lookout Mountain Tur up to 27 weeks (The Jeep is on the paved road the whole time, you’ll be fine). Bun in the oven, we do not recommend the Soddy Daisy Tur for you. This is physically demanding with the 2.3 mile total hike with swimming in natural swimming holes.

Can I reserve a Private Tur? +

You sure can! We have two sizes of Jeeps one holds 6 (4 adults and 2 youngins') and one hold 3. If you would like to reserve your own private tur you must purchase all seat available on that Jeep. We also add 15% gratuity for our guide that will provide you will a personalized experience through history.

What kind of Jeeps to you have? +

Each customized Jeep Wrangler, is open air, with seat belts for all, roll bars, and awning over the top to keep the sun from beaming down or from the rain pouring down.

How big of a group can you accommodate? +

We have Jeeps that holds 6 (4 adults + 2 yougnins') hillbillies and some that hold 3 hillbillies. So the biggest group we could take out would be 15 hillbillies.

Can I bring valuables? +

You are responsible for your valuables. We don't recommend that you bring large purses or bags as there is not enough storage in Jeep for personal items. Please bring minimal personal items.

Are the turs off-road turs? +

These here turs are not off-roading turs but leisurely historical turs in customized open air Jeeps.

Are you open everyday? +

We run turs seasonally Tuesdays through Sundays. We are closed Mondays.